Czech manufacturer of Prádlomats

The largest network of self-service laundries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Main advantages of Prádlomats

Our company specializes in comprehensive management of Prádlomat from the production of the machines to their operation and subsequent service. Since 2019, we have built more than 60 Prádlomats in Central and Eastern Europe, becoming the absolute leader in this area. By 2029, we plan to build more than 1000 Prádlomats in Europe and possibly expand to other continents.


01 Own production of Prádlomat machines

We have our own production from the construction and assembly of Prádlomats to our own One-Touch payment system. Our team includes developers, designers, and experienced installers.


02 Own construction of Prádlomats

We have our own team for the preparation of connections and construction works. In our fleet, we have our own excavators and technology adapted to implement connections for Prádlomats in a very short time.


03 Own service of Prádlomat machines

Our own service team is ready to solve most of our customers' problems within 72 hours of reporting on our Nonstop line.

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Our partners
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As a forward-thinking company that can quickly scale this business, we collaborate with our partners for maximum efficiency in our work. You can become our investor and thus participate in this very real and stable business.