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We like challenges and new things that are not on the market. It seems that market is full of ideas, products and services, but the opposite is the true. You can always find a new branch and make it grow and this is a real challenge for us.

Seemingly unrelated products and services are ingeniously linked to each other. The BestSeries Group is complex nad comprehensive system.


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People love simple and functioning things that serve them.


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"BestSeries s.r.o. is an ambitious company combining several products into one functioning whole, with a pillar in the form of a service with foreign potential. Company listens to and is open to its community."

“ I appreciate this project for its real product and a quality service that can serve people.”

" Great, timeless service, which was missing here in the Czech Republic! Big thanks to the whole team for driving the project incredibly."

" Laundry kiosks are TOP and this service will be here for a long time. For me super passive income, but also earnings. Absolutely recommend."

"The project with great potential for the future, built on a solid basis with real goals. The proven concept of outdoor laundries taken from abroad provides an interesting investment opportunity as it is the first service of this type in the Czech Republic (24/7 outdoor laundries). Maximum transparency and company registered in the Czech."

"The product that has tremendous potential. This service offers benefits for people as well as opportunities to earn money."

" Why do I cooperate with BestSeries? Purposefulness, work commitment, friendly approach of the company, I was excited. I like Laundry Kiosks as a public service, so I supported it. I am glad that there is something real, tangible, that will bring satisfaction to all of us. I appreciate the leadership and the whole supporters group, because we are one big family that grows and realizes this great business. Thanks for being!"

Jan V.


Josef V.


Roman Š.


Ladislav K.


Tomáš D.


Roman Č.


Zdeňka K.